Bold and Beautiful.

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Tropical Spinach Smoothie

This tropical smoothie comes packed with nutrients.  Spinach, fruit, and soy protein– you cannot go wrong.  But you know what, it is so good you will never even know how good it is for you.  

Ok, to start, we’re going to use a few strawberries, but mostly some mango and pineapple. Because that is where all the sweetness is.  You could also use a banana in there. You just want to make sure you’ve got some sweeter fruit so that it will mask other flavors.

Then pile them into your blender along with your spinach.

Add in the soymilk.  If it doesn’t go smoothly, just add milk until its the thickness you want.

Blended to perfection.  Its not the prettiest color, but it is quite tasty, and more important, healthy.


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Cocoa Mango Smoothie

Oh yes, I said it–Cocoa.  This smoothie would be close to just a regular smoothie without its long lost companion– cocoa powder. **notice I said close because even without the cocoa it would still reign supreme.

2 key things lead this smoothie into pure bliss.  First, is its superb simplicity. The less ingredients the better.  Second, Soymilk.

Soymilk ranks above regular milk for a ton of reasons,  many of which I could honestly care less about.  But , in a smoothie,  it adds a sweet and creaminess that almost makes it taste like ice cream.  In my smoothies, the only liquid I use is soy milk.  I suppose you could use whatever, but I promise, those who switch to soy milk never go back.

In addition, we will need some frozen fruit (whatever you like) and a banana.

You like the clips don’t you. They are pretty sexy if I say so myself.

Ok. So now you start to add it to the blender.  Again, my resources reign supreme.  From all the difficulties my mother and I had with blenders, she chose to invest 500 dollars in the all mighty vita-mix.

I will say however, it has been worth it, incase anyone was on the fence about these things.

Anyways, onward and upwards.  Into the blender goes our ingredients.

The banana.

The Strawberries.

The milk.

Everyone is in the pot to play.

So we blend.

Ok so the name is a little misleading. I ended up putting mangoes in because it was a little thin, but i didn’t take a picture… But I liked the sound of cocoa with mango so I kept it. Oh well, we’ll all get over it.

But the cocoa part is accurate.

We split the smoothie in half and add some cocoa.  A little will easily change the color so you can make some layers in glass and only  a little more than that will give you a very chocolatey drink.

So then you layer and enjoy.  ** note : you must layer very carefully , like use a spoon, otherwise if you pour it will go straight to the bottom. However, when it is layered visual , it is layer tastebud wise and you can really taste the difference between sips.  but i imagine not if you use a straw. But i didn’t test it