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Spicy Mango Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée- a french dessert known for its rich creamy inside, and sweet crackling outside.  This dessert has been around for centuries.  I’ve seen it flavored this way and that way, but once again I decide to take a turn for the wild and influence this dessert  with some mangoes.

We start with the mangoes.   Cutting and slicing and cubing, and two mangoes later..

..We have two mangoes cut and sliced and cubed. Equally divided amoung 4 ramekins.  Who doesn’t love their own precious dessert.

**For an extra little spice, I just sprinkled a little cayenne pepper right on top of the mangoes. It will actually be quite mellow, just from the cream and the mangoes, but it adds a little extra flavor.

Ok so now for the cream.

It isn’t made of eggs or cream or butter, but in fact a few healthier ingredients.

Marscapone. Definitely healthier.

And then some yogurt. I just happened to have soy, regular is fine.  Also I chose mango just to go with the flavors but if your feeling adventurous try something funner or be plain jane with vanilla. Really, anything is fine.

So then you whisk these together. It should look thick and creamy like some pastry cream.

hen we’re gonna add some lemon zest and lemon juice.  Also for a few spices I added some more cayenne as well as some ginger.   Finish it off with a little brown sugar, just to sweeten it a little.

Plop the mixture on top.

You’re going to want to chill the ramekins so that the cream mixture thickens up.  Then Top it with raw or natural sugar, something with big crystals sort of. I used a vegan natural sugar.  Broil until it start to bubble and brown.  If you have a kitchen blow torch, that would work best. But for sure don’t use a blow torch NOT from the kitchen.

Mine didn’t broil perfectly , but its they bubbled enough that when you put them back in the fridge it has a crunch.  You DEFINITELY want to put them back into the fridge after you broil them because otherwise your cream will by soupy again. You don’t want it soupy.

You want cream and crunch.

And when you do, its sooooo good.

Its creamy and sugary, but with the cayenne pepper, it just suprises you.  Its a definite twist on the classic Crème Brûlée, but its totally delicious.