Bold and Beautiful.


Stripes are a bold pattern that are splashed upon walls, clothes, crafts, and even your food.  Its not the stripes that make this items distinct; its the modernity, the playfulness in a mature manner, and its the ability to take a risk. What I’ve done, is taken that same picturesque manner and applied it to this blog. Play around and create!

Featured Post

Now that our bulletin board is all spiced up, we can’t just have plain old push pins. Here’s an easy quick way to add more fun flavor, and these look great even if you don’t have a decorated bulletin board.

Start with a button. Any color and shape of your choosing, just make sure its flat. You can’t really use one with the raised spot with a hole.

Add some of our nail glue.

Add on your push pin.

And then center it.


Then, go ahead and add them in cool pattern on your bulletin board and it looks super fancy.


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