Bold and Beautiful.

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Button Push Pins

Now that our bulletin board is all spiced up, we can’t just have plain old push pins. Here’s an easy quick way to add more fun flavor, and these look great even if you don’t have a decorated bulletin board.

Start with a button. Any color and shape of your choosing, just make sure its flat. You can’t really use one with the raised spot with a hole.

Add some of our nail glue.

Add on your push pin.

And then center it.


Then, go ahead and add them in cool pattern on your bulletin board and it looks super fancy.


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Spicy Mango Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée- a french dessert known for its rich creamy inside, and sweet crackling outside.  This dessert has been around for centuries.  I’ve seen it flavored this way and that way, but once again I decide to take a turn for the wild and influence this dessert  with some mangoes.

We start with the mangoes.   Cutting and slicing and cubing, and two mangoes later..

..We have two mangoes cut and sliced and cubed. Equally divided amoung 4 ramekins.  Who doesn’t love their own precious dessert.

**For an extra little spice, I just sprinkled a little cayenne pepper right on top of the mangoes. It will actually be quite mellow, just from the cream and the mangoes, but it adds a little extra flavor.

Ok so now for the cream.

It isn’t made of eggs or cream or butter, but in fact a few healthier ingredients.

Marscapone. Definitely healthier.

And then some yogurt. I just happened to have soy, regular is fine.  Also I chose mango just to go with the flavors but if your feeling adventurous try something funner or be plain jane with vanilla. Really, anything is fine.

So then you whisk these together. It should look thick and creamy like some pastry cream.

hen we’re gonna add some lemon zest and lemon juice.  Also for a few spices I added some more cayenne as well as some ginger.   Finish it off with a little brown sugar, just to sweeten it a little.

Plop the mixture on top.

You’re going to want to chill the ramekins so that the cream mixture thickens up.  Then Top it with raw or natural sugar, something with big crystals sort of. I used a vegan natural sugar.  Broil until it start to bubble and brown.  If you have a kitchen blow torch, that would work best. But for sure don’t use a blow torch NOT from the kitchen.

Mine didn’t broil perfectly , but its they bubbled enough that when you put them back in the fridge it has a crunch.  You DEFINITELY want to put them back into the fridge after you broil them because otherwise your cream will by soupy again. You don’t want it soupy.

You want cream and crunch.

And when you do, its sooooo good.

Its creamy and sugary, but with the cayenne pepper, it just suprises you.  Its a definite twist on the classic Crème Brûlée, but its totally delicious.

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Stripping the Stripes

Stripes in the home can create a lot of different vibes, all very powerful.

Here are some really great examples.

On HGTV Design Star, they created rooms for Kris Kardashian and this one  I lovedddd the walls.

Another cool way to incorporate stripes into your design is from the floor up!

Here’s one that’s kind of retro. Very cool.

You can also choose to create stripes on the floor with 2 different shades of wood flooring.  It adds another element to the room and adds so interest in an understated way.


For creating your own stripes, check out DIY Striping Paint Techniques.

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Cocoa Mango Smoothie

Oh yes, I said it–Cocoa.  This smoothie would be close to just a regular smoothie without its long lost companion– cocoa powder. **notice I said close because even without the cocoa it would still reign supreme.

2 key things lead this smoothie into pure bliss.  First, is its superb simplicity. The less ingredients the better.  Second, Soymilk.

Soymilk ranks above regular milk for a ton of reasons,  many of which I could honestly care less about.  But , in a smoothie,  it adds a sweet and creaminess that almost makes it taste like ice cream.  In my smoothies, the only liquid I use is soy milk.  I suppose you could use whatever, but I promise, those who switch to soy milk never go back.

In addition, we will need some frozen fruit (whatever you like) and a banana.

You like the clips don’t you. They are pretty sexy if I say so myself.

Ok. So now you start to add it to the blender.  Again, my resources reign supreme.  From all the difficulties my mother and I had with blenders, she chose to invest 500 dollars in the all mighty vita-mix.

I will say however, it has been worth it, incase anyone was on the fence about these things.

Anyways, onward and upwards.  Into the blender goes our ingredients.

The banana.

The Strawberries.

The milk.

Everyone is in the pot to play.

So we blend.

Ok so the name is a little misleading. I ended up putting mangoes in because it was a little thin, but i didn’t take a picture… But I liked the sound of cocoa with mango so I kept it. Oh well, we’ll all get over it.

But the cocoa part is accurate.

We split the smoothie in half and add some cocoa.  A little will easily change the color so you can make some layers in glass and only  a little more than that will give you a very chocolatey drink.

So then you layer and enjoy.  ** note : you must layer very carefully , like use a spoon, otherwise if you pour it will go straight to the bottom. However, when it is layered visual , it is layer tastebud wise and you can really taste the difference between sips.  but i imagine not if you use a straw. But i didn’t test it

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Paneled Bulletin Board

I absolutely hate concocting an idea in my head and watching as it fails in front of you.  However, in this particular instance, we do not have a failure on our hands. Instead, we have genius!  From  a previous flop of an experiment, I was left with a bulliten board that left much to the imagination. It just was not good. So to cover up the horrendus amount of flailing glitter I had on my hands, I decided to turn to my favorite friend, the stripe.

So here’s what I started with.

What I wanted to do was make panels.

So I started with a couple rulers, a cutting board, some cardboard, cut from a shoe box or any kind of box, (but it is very important alll of the cardboard you use is the same thickness. Otherwise it will look funny), and then also very important, a VERY sharp exacto knife.

VERY SHARP. Scissors wont work.  Even with this it wont be perfect, but its handmade and this is the best I could do without breaking out my dad’s electric sawing equipment.

So using fabric glue and 2 kinds of yellow fabric, which was actually all I could find but it ended up being nice and bright and cheery, I fastened the fabric onto cardboard panels in a fashion that resembled stretching fabric over a seat cushion.   I recommend heavy weights to keep it staying down while the glue dries. It can be a little messy.


Here’s the back of it.

And then the fronts.

One other trick to go along with that, make sure you press the fabric down smoothly.  Sometimes there are fold creases, all you have to do is smooth it out first.  And smear your glue around before you put the fabric down.  Otherwise you’ll see those glue lines on the front and it will probably be even more messy than it already is because the glue will seep through.

Before you begin assembling the panels to the corkboard, you’re going to want to paint the trim.

I went with an acrylic paint called Basics. I also went with a bright magenta to really contrast the yellow and kind of give it a country look.

So, when you begin to assemble it should look something like this.  It might not alllll fit perfectly, but I promise, it will all come together nicely.

The next thing to do is glue all of the pieces down.  

I used something like Hard as Nails glue. You want something strong and sturdy so that it will hold the pieces down well.

You can see I used those paint jars as weights. They didn’t work the greatest but luckily most of my pieces fit together well. If they dont, it is cardboard, so you can kind of squeeze it into place until the glue dries. I had to do that for one of mine.

But it is worth it.

When its all finished, add your pictures and some extra cute **button push pins** ,  its a huge improvement.