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Balsamic Guacamole Toast

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Guacamole is a traditional alternative to salsa.  But what happens when you take the traditional and change it up a little.  This is a personal sized serving of homemade guacamole, and then instead of chips, we chose to go a little more classy.

To start, we need just half of an avocado.  This is all you need.

Next, add in the classic pairing, tomato.  I cut them skinny and organic shaped.  Very easy.

So you could add in a variety of things from here, but since it is more of a spread, we don’t want it too chunky.  Also, cutting up onion and garlic can be time consuming and not very fun.  So instead, I have a better solution.

We are going to bump our guac up with spice. (Keep in mind, you can use whatever you want)

I started with cayenne. Just a little, not too spicy.

Going back to the classic, I added dried onion pieces, and in there was a little powder also.  So we’re really going to get that onion flavor all the way through.

Perfect.  We have our guac.

So our next step is to slather that guac on a piece of toast.

Finish it off with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (the older and thicker the better)  and olive oil and then top it with fresh ground cracked black pepper and sea salt.

How good does that look.

Mmm what a great bite. Crunchy bottom, flavorful spread, and the balsamic and olive oil really brings out some great flavor.


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