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Photo Striped Compact Mirror

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A small compact mirror can often be a girl’s best accessory.  However, stores think they can capture your attention and place all these little cute expensive mirrors right next to the register. The problem is, the mirror would not be able to fulfill its destiny if you were to purchase it.  These small dolled up reflective glass accessories tend to cost so much that you will probably spend as much on the mirror as the item that you walked up to the register with.

I have a solution.  Capture some fun patterns in an easy fashion.  A photo striped mirror.

Start with the mirror. Not the cleanest, I assure you it does not matter.

Tape around the sides so that you don’t end up gluing your mirror shut.

Then, take some old photos that you don’t want anymore, and chose sections that have a lot of color, or patterns, or some type of visual interest that you enjoy.  *Note- you will only be using a section so the visual interest has to be small patterned so that when you cut the picture, its still visually interesting.

You could choose a color theme , or like here I have all Ohio State.

Here I chose to add in a little greenery to break it up.

I also put them on a piece of tape so I could make sure they looked good all next to each other. Not necessary though.

Glue it all down. I used a little stronger shiner version of a modge podge, however you probably should use actual glue to glue and modge podge to make it shiny.  Glue around the edges too.

And your finished product! Shiny, personal, and new!


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